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how god became jesus the real origins of belief in jesus - in his recent book how jesus became god the exaltation of a jewish preacher from galilee historian bart ehrman explores a claim that resides at the heart of the christian faith that jesus of nazareth was and is god according to ehrman though this is not what the earliest disciples believed nor what jesus claimed about himself the first response book to this latest challenge to, amazon com when jesus became god the struggle to define - a thoroughly researched and vivid re creation of one of the most critical periods in the history of western religion the life of jesus and the subsequent persecution of christians during the roman empire have come to define what many of us know about early christianity, how jesus became god a review reformation21 - bart d ehrman how jesus became god the exaltation of a jewish preacher from galilee new york harperone 2014 404 pp 27 99 17 99 over the years i have had the opportunity to review a number of bart ehrman s books including most recently his volume forged writing in the name of god, the god revealed in the old testament was the one who - lesson 2 the god revealed in the old testament was the one who became jesus christ this lesson focuses on key scriptures in the bible where god reveals highly significant things about his nature and actions, how did yeshua jesus become the son of god ebionite - it is a widely accepted doctrine among christians today that the disciples and ebionite nazirene followers did not comprehend the true nature of jesus because they did not proclaim that he was god as did the later gentile converts, jesus is lord com jesus christ is the only way to god - www jesus is lord com jesus christ is the only way to god i am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me jesus christ john 14 6, jesus became sin for us redeeming god - 2 corinthians 5 21 may be the most horrifying verse in scripture for it reveals the fact that jesus who was holy righteous and perfectly sinless became sin for us god made him who knew no sin to be sin for us can you imagine the horror the shame and the guilt that poured upon jesus while, was jesus god tedmontgomery com - overview some believe that jesus was god and others believe that he was merely a man many believe that he was both these views have been debated for centuries by theologians and scholars i think it is vital to look at what the bible the word of god says about the matter, jesus claims christ savior divine son of god gospel way - many people think of jesus as a great religious teacher and even a prophet but not the divine son of god what did he really claim did he accept claims that he was the christ the divine son of god in the flesh eternal and our savior, how can you say that jesus was god when the bible clearly - email received i read your commentary was jesus god but i disagree 100 jesus is at the right hand of god in heaven acts 7 55 56 and col 3 1 this statement is very simplistic but very clear that there are two not one, jesus and the identity of god n t wright - originally published in ex auditu 1998 14 42 56 reproduced by permission of the author to address the subject of the theological significance of the earthly jesus i take as my topic the central question of jesus and god, is jesus divine like god or is jesus a created being - the idea that god created jesus just does not agree with the bible jesus was not created by god because all things were made through jesus and there was nothing made that he didn t have a part in making, alabama state official defends roy moore citing joseph - alabama state official defends roy moore citing joseph and mary they became parents of jesus, jesus son of god not god the son hope of the bible - any discussion about jesus christ must be approached with reverence and awe jesus occupies a unique place in god s plan he is the source of salvation and central to god s plan of redemption for mankind, jesus christ as the sun god throughout history - in my books and articles i present the evidence that many aspects of the gospel story about jesus christ and of christian tradition in general represent motifs from older astrotheology and solar mythology specifically reflecting legends and myths regarding the sun gods of antiquity, jesus facts teachings miracles doctrines - jesus also called jesus christ jesus of galilee or jesus of nazareth born c 6 4 bc bethlehem died c ad 30 jerusalem religious leader revered in christianity one of the world s major religions he is regarded by most christians as the incarnation of god the history of christian reflection on the teachings and nature of jesus is examined in the article christology, 50 biblical proofs that jesus is god - jesus is god the son he is the eternal all powerful all loving self existent creator god, lee strobel jesus is the only way to god true or false - we at jesuschristonly com are trying to assemble resources to help you understand and come to appreciate the unique person of jesus christ the son of god