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think skinny people don t get type 2 diabetes think again - most people aren t aware that thin and even underweight people can get type 2 diabetes t2dm learn the top 5 reasons why they do, mattman s 2018 appalachian trail journal guest book - mattman sorry to hear about your failed attempt but i don t blame you i d probably done the same thing had i been in your shoes loneliness is a tough thing to deal with and when it s cold and uncomfortable to where you can t think straight it s even tougher, pregnancy belly butter jellibean journals - jelli is a blogging veteran and avid baker who s been selling sweets to feed her chocolate addiction for 8 years when the polka dotted apron s hanging up she s a full time mama to three kidlets enjoying the crazy days of motherhood and pumping out brownie recipes from her sunny costa rican kitchen, boston business news boston business journal - the boston business journal features local business news about boston we also provide tools to help business grow network and hire, the rules revisited men don t care about your accomplishments - i ve dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men if nothing else this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female s ignorance of the male mindset, why doctors are losing the public s trust physician s weekly - 1 a lot of doctors think they know your body better than you do they are arrogant and egotistical their 7 years of med school often their private school and elitest family background they have grown up being told by their family they are better than you, so you don t think old testament relevant wnd - are you one of those people who think the old testament is the handiwork of a vengeful god as opposed to the new testament in which jesus first introduces the world to grace through faith if so, 4 reasons why many people don t vote science news for - founded in 2003 science news for students is an award winning online publication dedicated to providing age appropriate topical science news to learners parents and educators, a dad explains why he stopped visiting his son and it s - emma johnson is a veteran money journalist noted blogger bestselling author and an host of the award winning podcast like a mother with emma johnson, cholesterol heart disease there is a relationship but - this post is dedicated to anne who asked me a great question about cholesterol it made me do what i had been meaning to do ever since i read dr malcolm kendrick s the great cholesterol con dr mk ran some analysis on world health organisation who data, why i don t go to aa addiction com - about michael d michael lives in london uk and has been totally abstinent from drinking and drugs for over eight years after 25 years of abuse, why men s bicycles have a horizontal crossbar and women s - however among higher end bikes made for women this tradition of not having a horizontal crossbar is starting to go away even though the added strength from a horizontal crossbar isn t typically necessary anymore particularly with carbon fiber frames, the last psychiatrist don t hate her because she s successful - today in the united states and the developed world women are better off than ever before but the blunt truth is that men still run the world, so what do we think about this the sartorialist - i think the biggest piece of awareness in the fashion industry is how this model would be considered plus size or regular size when in fact i am sure in real life out of magazines she would be considered to look quite thin or healthy, don t make me pull over an informal history of the - a hilarious blend of highway misadventures and the history of the road trip from just after wwii to the late 1970s when the whole family piled into the car with only their imaginations and license plate bingo to keep them occupied, microbial diversity sometimes you have it sometimes you - not sure if this relates but my experience with being around young grandchildren and hearing same from others is falling ill something minor like a cold is commonly experienced, teach don t tell steve losh - prior reading before you read this post there are two other things i think you should read first the first is jacob kaplan moss writing great documentation series he s certainly more qualified than i am to write about this stuff so you should check that out if you haven t already, one thousand white women the journals of may dodd by jim - buy online pick up in store is currently unavailable but this item may be available for in store purchase based on an actual historical event but told through fictional diaries this is the story of may dodd a remarkable woman who in 1875 travels through the american west to marry the chief, the do s and don ts of being a good ally the angry black - 1 don t derail a discussion even if it makes you personally uncomfortable to discuss x issue it s really not about you or your comfort it s about x issue and you are absolutely free to not engage rather than try to keep other people from continuing their conversation, the diet heart myth statins don t save lives in people - to read more about heart disease and cholesterol check out the special report page cardiovascular disease is one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions in medicine in the first article in this series i explained the evidence suggesting that eating cholesterol and saturated fat does not increase the risk of heart disease