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stories in the stars an atlas of constellations susanna - stories in the stars an atlas of constellations susanna hislop hannah waldron on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a beautifully illustrated penguin hardcover that invites readers to travel the night sky and discover the universe of stories in the stars to those who can decipher it, the photographic atlas of the stars h j p arnold paul - the photographic atlas of the stars contains 50 high quality full color photographs of the entire night sky of the northern and southern hemispheres, ian ridpath s star tales constellation mythology - constellations myths legends and history star tales grew out of my skywatching guides for amateur astronomers as i came to describe each constellation i found myself wondering about its origin and the way in which ancient people had personified it in mythology, taurus constellations of words - the etymology mythology and symbolism of the constellation atlas the father of the hyades and pleiades who was condemned to support the weight of the heavens on his head and hands titan bearing up the heavens the endurer believed by some mythologists to be the originator of the constellations, ian ridpath s star tales the celestial 88 - a ll 88 constellations officially sanctioned by the international astronomical union are listed in the table below plus the milky way and the aurora each entry describes the mythology and history of the constellation along with an illustration of it from a classic star atlas usually johann bode s uranographia of 1801 or john flamsteed s atlas coelestis of 1729, draco constellations of words - draco is latin for dragon from greek dracon dragon seems to be a term for any mysterious snakelike creature in mythology dragons are often depicted as having a snake body on four feet there is no fossil evidence for dragons ever having existed, stars myth encyclopedia mythology greek god story - remote yet familiar stars have fascinated people throughout history and are part of many myths and legends although the sun and the moon usually have the leading roles in mythology often appearing as deities the stars also appear in many stories in some cultures the stars represent part of the cosmos such as the heavens or the home of the gods or a path between the earth and another world, top five astronomical targets for your new telescope - easily visible to the unaided eye the orion nebula is a stellar nursery where stars are being born at a rapid pace the nearest such region to earth at a distance of about 1340 light years, http constellation guide com constellation list orion constellation - , stars above a lunar chronicles collection by marissa - a collection of stories set in the world of the lunar chronicles continues the 1 new york times and usa today bestselling series by marissa meyer an interesting mash up of fairy tales and science fiction a cross between cinderella terminator and star wars entertainment weekly on the